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Williamson Tunnels Old School Vs New School - 26 & 27-07-19


Friday 26th July - Saturday 27th July 2019

Paddington and House Sites

8pm - 1am


  • History

    For nearly 20 years the Friends of Williamson Tunnels have been excavating the site of what can only be described as a mind blowing maze of tunnels that lie beneath the Smithdown Lane area.


    With hundereds of skips and many man hours involved, the team of volunteers have been able to uncover the lengthy tunnels built by Joseph Williamson. The reason for these tunnels is still unknown to this day. With no records of any plans or maps for the tunnels being found it is only guess work up to now on just how far these tunnels go.




    There have been reports of shadow figures being witnessed on Level 2.


    During our first investigation here last month there was an account of sones being thrown and a deep growl heard when one of the spirits was confronted about their past.


    Voices and other sightings have been reported. Will you encounter anything in one of our most notorious locations?

  • Your Weekend

    Friday - Old School Night


    No Tech! No Gadgets!


    On Friday night we will be using old school methods of communicating with spirit. This includes:

    • Spirit/ Ouija Board
    • Seances
    • Glass Divination
    • Human Pendulums 
    • Senses and the Human Body
    • Dowsing Rods


    Saturday - Gadget Night


    On Saturday night we will be using the gadgets and the gizmos to aid our investigation and see if we can pick up on any spirits that we did or didn't encounter the previous night. This includes the use of:

    • K2 Metres
    • Kinect Camera
    • Voice Recorders
    • Spirit Box
    • REM Pod


    Both nights will offer free time for lone vigils towards the end of the evenings to use the varied theme for that nights event.


    *On Saturday night we'd like to sit down with all guests and get there perspectives on the night and their thoughts on the various experiments/techniques used.

  • What You Need

    On the night, you will be required to bring some items along with you.

    • Torch
    • Warm Clothing (the building has no heating and can be extremely cold in some places.
    • Sensible footwear
    • Drinks (hot and cold beverages will be available on the night but feel free to bring your own)
    • Your own equipment (if you have your own equipment that you want to bring with you then please feel free too)