Terms and Conditions


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By reading these conditions you are accepting the terms of use and agreeing to abide by them.


1. The minimum age for any Trinity Paranormal Team event attendee is 18 years old. If we believe that any attendee is under the minimum age we will ask for identification and will refuse entry to the location if found to be under said age. The adult accompanying this person may also be removed and any monies will be lost and not refunded.


2.Due to the state of some of our locations some may have uneven floor, staircases and walking around in the darkness, we ask that anyone with heart complaints, nervous dispositions, pregnant, mobility problems or any person who has had a recent bereavement not to attend our events. If a location does have disabled access we will state this on the event page for that location. If you decide that that you still want to attend an event and have one of these condition then you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form on the evening as you attendance to one of our events will be at your own risk. No liability for any injury or illness will occur as a result.


3. Attendees are advised to bring their own equipment for the investigation, torches are a must and we urge all attendees to bring their own torch as we do not provide them. As a result of walking around in the dark we must stress the importance of sensible clothing. Sensible footwear is a MUST, trainers, flat shoes are permitted. Any shoes with heels are NOT permitted, Trinity Paranormal Team will not be held responsible for any injuries or accident caused by unsuitable footwear. Due to the nature of some locations, sensible clothing is needed as most of our locations may not have heating. Warm clothing is ideal as it will be cold during our events.


4. In order to have as little disruption as possible at our events as well as the health and safety of our attendees, location staff, employees, psychics, mediums, clairvoyants or hosts, Trinity Paranormal Team will refuse entry to our locations to anyone who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If alcohol or drugs are found to have been brought into one of our locations then said person will be asked to leave the event due to breaking the rules of our Terms and Conditions. No Refund Will Be Given.


5. A Health and Safety check will be carried out by us before the event. Guest must know that they are attending the event at their own risk. We will not be liable for any accidents or injuries caused. We will determine where attendees may enter and which parts of the location is out of bounds due to the state of some of the rooms.  


6.Please be aware that unless otherwise stated on our events page, our locations do not have overnight facilities. If one of our events is held within a hotel or a public house then you may arrange with the location for accommodation. Trinity Paranormal Team is not responsible for booking accommodation for you unless otherwise stated.


7. Transport unless otherwise stated on our website is not provided; all attendees are to have their own transport to the location. In certain cases we may ask attendees to meet the team in another location before taking the whole group to that evening’s event location. Parking at our locations is at the owner’s risk.


8. Trinity Paranormal Team do not take and responsibility for any loss or damage to any belongings, vehicles, any items left in vehicles or equipment that is brought to our event, such as digital cameras/clothing etc due to any paranormal activity. Due to the location of some of our events we will also not be responsible for any parking violations in which you may occur while you are at one of our events. Any items brought by yourself or anyone in your group to our events or left in your vehicle are your responsibility, we will not take responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings. Personal belonging can be left in our base room of the location, however Trinity Paranormal Team will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings or equipment during or after the event.


9. Due to current UK law, there will be no smoking prohibited within any of our locations. On the night we will designate a smoking area outside the building.


10. Trinity Paranormal Team cannot foresee any problems; however we know that accidents and incidents can occur. Therefore we advise you to stay with your group during your visit our location. All members of your team should preferably have their own third party public liability insurance as we have been advised by our insurers that our liability insurance may not cover your party during your visit to our locations due to it being outside the normal public access categories.  You are staying at this location at your own risk and we will not accept liability for any accidents or injuries to yourself, however caused.


11. Refreshments will be provided at our events such as tea, coffee, juices and biscuits. We encourage you to bring your own refreshments if you so wish. Due to some of our locations not having electricity, then we may not be able to provide hot drinks. You can bring your own flask with hot drinks inside. These must be left in our base room and not brought around the location with you.


12. Trinity Paranormal Team have the right to cancel an event, in this case we can transfer you to another event or provide you with a full refund. Some of our events have an optional deposit option. If you book onto an event and pay a deposit and later find you are unable to attend then we will not refund your deposit.

13. When booking an event which has an attached guest medium/paranormal investigator, you hereby agree that Trinity Paranormal Team reserve the right to change the guest for that evening due to unforeseen circumstances not under our control.


14. You agree that this event is for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee any activity or the truth or validity of any information obtained on the night through our team members, staff at the location, mediums, experiments or hosts at the event.


15. Aggressive or unacceptable behaviour towards our team members, other attendees or staff at the location will not be tolerated. Anyone who behaves in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the event immediately, this could include the person and their whole party. Under these circumstances NO REFUND will be given.


16. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in any of our locations. Anyone found to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs will be escorted out of the location. You will NOT be entitled to a refund.


17. Anyone wishing to transfer their name on an event into another person’s name due to not being able to attend needs to do so at least 48 HOURS before the event.


18. If you are unable to attend then we need a minimum of 48 HOURS notice. A refund will NOT be given if you do not give the notice. 



Please contact us by email or on of the following phone numbers.


Email: trinityparanormalteam@outlook.com


Please Note: Trinity Paranormal Team reserves the right to change any of these policies without notice!

Policies Updated - January 2019