Turton Tower

Saturday 24th September 2016

8pm - 2am


Located in Chapeltown in North Turton stands one of Bolton's most haunted buildings. Built as a manor house, Turton Tower has been recognised as an ancient monument and a grade 1 listed building.


The house was built in the late middle ages and was altered and enlarged within the 16th century, with other alterations and additions being made throught the centuries. Through all the changes the building has seen the tower still remains the buildings main feature. 

T0urton Tower was originally built in 1420 as a defense for the land that was owned by the Orrell Family, in later times it became a luxurious home. By 1628 the Orrells sold the building to Humphery Chetham who had been responsible for the creation of both Chetham's Library and Chetham's School of Music. Throughout the years the house was passed down to his descendants which included the Bland, Green and Frere families who had decided to lease the Tower to a sucession of tenent farmers. 


In 1835 the tower was sold to James Kay after it had become a state of disrepair. Kay restored the house. The tower would once again see various owners until the 1930's where it would be sold to Turton Urban District Council by the current owner Lady Nina Knowles to use in ways that it would benefit the public. Since that time the tower has been used as council offices. Since 1974 the tower was opened up as a museum and historic house.




It is said that two skulls are kept in the Towers that have been linked to previous hauntings elsewhere – in particular the appearance of two ghostly men who appear to be duelling.


A woman dressed for mourning is said to stalk the staircase of the tower, sobbing and shuffling slowly. A security guard is reported to have gone to the aid of a woman leaning against a fence – only for her to disappear as he got close.


Your Night


On the night your paranormal investigation will begin with a brief introduction to Trinity Paranormal Team and tell you about us and what we do, we will talk to you about the venue and any Health and Safety issues that you will need to be aware of, the equipment that you will be using and the parts of the building will be investigating on the night. 


Guests are encouraged but not forced to participate in the experiments, these include:-


- Vigils and seances in your groups

- Table tipping

- Ouija board and glass divination (both optional)

- Lone vigils (optional)

- Human pendulam 

- Full use of equipment throughout the night including K2 metres, hand-held thermometres and voice recorders

- Refreshments will b-e provided for all guests


Turton Tower

Chapletown Road